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About the Journal

Now celebrating a 25-year anniversary, Annals of Surgical Oncology (ASO), the official journal of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), promotes the field of surgical oncology treatment by communicating advances in research and education that are relevant and valuable to the provision of multidisciplinary care for patients with cancer. One of the leading journals in Oncology and Surgery, ASO is a monthly publication that features original articles on the latest advances in oncology for surgeons from all specialties.

Anniversary Mural 

The mission of the Annals of Surgical Oncology is to serve its readers by 1) representing and advancing the profession of surgical oncology throughout the nation and the world; 2) promoting the highest quality multidisciplinary patient care and practice management; 3) providing relevant cancer education and research training materials using print and electronic media; 4) promoting clinical and translational cancer research, with an emphasis on clinical trials; 5) facilitating the career development of surgical trainees and their transition into academic and community-based practice; and 6) promoting public policy and patient advocacy issues related to surgical patient with cancer.

Leading subject areas of ASO include Gastrointestinal Oncology, Breast Oncology, Hepatobiliary Tumors, Colorectal Cancer, Thoracic Oncology, and Translational Research. Led by world-renown surgical oncology Editors, these subject areas as well others are well-represented by articles that are cutting-edge and impactful. Editorials in ASO place new and sometimes controversial research into perspective, and review articles provide comprehensive yet succinct overviews on complex topics of concern to practicing surgeons. The journal also publishes video articles that demonstrate state-of-the-art surgical techniques as well as dynamic articles that use a range of media to educate on important surgical oncology topics.




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